Weather updates:

We are expecting a beautifully crisp fall evening for Friday’s Welcome BBQ. We’ll still be in our cute outfits, but wear whatever you need to stay cozy on the lawn.

We are also expecting some “good luck” showers on Saturday. Our reception is covered, but our ceremony will be uncovered in those lovely pines, rain or shine! We will have some small rain provisions on hand, but we recommend a precautionary rain jacket or poncho if you are planning to golf cart to the ceremony.

All wedding festivities will involve some patches of unpaved ground. Please wear shoes that can stay afloat on mulch and grass.


WElcome BBQ: 6-9pm

If you are staying in Serenbe for the weekend, please join us for a welcome BBQ on the Croquet Lawn on Friday evening, graciously hosted by the Borsuk family.

This is not a seated meal, so come when you can - but come earlier for food.

We’ll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, dark jeans, sport coat / floral dress and easy heels.


Serenbe is a great place to relax, refresh, and explore! Options for Saturday activities include:

Fall Trail Race 5K & 15K: 9am (registration)

Farmers Market: 9am-1pm

Goat Yoga: 10:00am-11:30 am (tickets)

Architecture & Design Tour: 10:30am-12:30pm (tickets)

Farm Tour: 1:30pm - 2:30pm (tickets)

Horse Trail Riding (by reservation)

Spa (by reservation)

Silk Sheets Road Bike Loop (rentals)

Walking Trails (community map)

Or if you prefer to wander:

The Ballog Artisan Market | Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop | The Farmhouse Restaurant | Gault Designs Showroom | Grange Hall Art Gallery | Halsa Restaurant | Hamlin Lifestyle Shop | The Hill Restaurant | Hills & Hamlets Bookshop | Serenbe General Store | Serenbe Wine Shop | Resource Jewelry and Gifts

Additional events may be added as the weekend approaches. For a full list of events and shops in Serenbe, please visit and


Ceremony: 5pm

Drinks, Dinner, and Dancing to follow

We'll start with a ceremony in the trees, then walk down to a cocktail hour and reception in a covered pavilion by the lake.

Dress code is semi-formal (suits, ties, longer dresses, and fall colors welcome). Please wear shoes that can stay afloat on mulch and grass.


Farmhouse Breakfast: 9am

We’ll be stopping by for a full country breakfast in the Farmhouse restaurant on Sunday morning. All who are still in Serenbe are welcome to join!

Falcons vs. RAMs: 1pm in atlanta

In a strange twist of fate, the Atlanta Falcons are facing off against the LA Rams in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium at 1pm on Sunday, October 20th. We have decided to do as the football gods command: party bus to the stadium for the game. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at as soon as possible.